Van Dijk knows the Reds are in trouble

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Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk has made it clear that everyone in the squad is aware of the difficult times.

The Reds defeated Rangers 7-1 in the Champions League Group A on Wednesday. The English side now have nine points from four games, six points ahead of third-placed Ajax.

However, Liverpool’s overall performance this season has not come out as expected by many parties, especially in a league where performance has dropped a lot.

After the ufabet game at the Ibrox Stadium on Wednesday, the Dutch defender told BT Sport that everyone knows the team is in a difficult period.

“It’s not a bad thing to win 7-1 at this stadium,” Van Dijk said.

“From the outside, everyone expects us to win but we will go game by game. We know that we are in difficult times.

“It’s great. It’s what we expect to happen. You have to play the ball fast from one side to the other. Go straight between the lines and play calmly. In the first half we could have done better. But we performed very well in the second half.”

“He’s playing within himself a little bit and protecting himself a little bit without knowing it. I’ve played with players who have had ACL injuries before and when they come back you can see them doing it.

“I think there’s maybe a little bit of staying out of trouble. You could argue the way he plays he doesn’t get himself in that much trouble anyway. But there is always that thing in the back of your mind when you’ve had a bad injury, I think.”